Renovation of Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

Car acceptance procedure

This process begins with the visit of the customer and the vehicle to be restored in  our company. At this stage, visual inspections are performed and the current condition of the vehicle is assessed. The parties agree on the details of cooperation and sign a contract for renovation.

Complete disassembly of the vehicle

At this stage, the vehicle is disassembled into components and parts. To avoid any mistakes, the condition of parts and components is written down and we make photo documentation of all elements. Each part is checked and assessed by our qualified employees, thanks to which we are able to minimize renovation costs by recovering as many original elements as possible.

Sandblasting / Cleaning the car body with a high-pressure cleaner

Depending on the condition of the car body we select an appropriate method of cleaning it from old paint coatings. This process is very important because thanks to the thorough removal of rust and old paint coatings, we will be able to prepare it for sheet metal work and protect it against corrosion for many years.

Bodywork repair

Our qualified tinsmiths with many years of experience remove damaged and corroded elements that cannot be saved. Then, in accordance with the art of sheet metal, as well as maintaining all proportions and dimensions, thanks to the original measuring frame, they reconstruct the car body. All parts used to repair the vehicle’s bodywork are of the highest quality.

Preparation for painting and body painting

At this stage the car body is protected with high-quality anti-corrosion products. Then, the varnishers use fillers, primers and professional and modern tools to ensure that all shapes and surfaces do not differ from the original. This process ends with painting of the car body in a professional spray booth. All products used at this stage come from the best manufacturers in the paint industry. We use topcoats with a traditional chemical composition and original colors. Our company obey the high ecological standards related to environmental protection.

Dismantling of vehicle components and verification of parts

All components are transferred to specialized departments that deal with their repair. We check and verify the condition of individual parts that will be recovered from disassembly and we also evaluate the number of new parts that we need to use for repair.

Repair of individual components

The repair processes that take place in individual departments, such as: engine room, suspension system repair department, carburetor regeneration, brake system are crucial in order to obtain the best technical results related to the entire renovation process. To achieve this goal we use new original parts as well as the highest quality replacements available on the market.

Repair upholstery of the interior of the vehicle

Renovation of upholstery requires great care, professionalism and experience as well as use of the best materials available on the market. We use original colors and textures of leather and car coverings. The convertible roof sheathing installed in our vehicles is purchased from the best European manufacturer. The beautiful and comfortable interiors give these vehicles style and elegance.

Preparation of chrome and galvanized elements for new galvanic coating

Our employee carefully prepares all the elements which will require new galvanic coatings. Before the elements receive new coatings, they are individually matched to the assigned car. This process is technologically very demanding, therefore we have been cooperating with the best companies in the galvanization industry for many years.

Complete assembly of the vehicle

Our company has two twin assembly departments. Beautifully painted car bodies and components, parts and upholstery elements restored in other departments are delivered here. Working in these departments requires great concentration, a sense of aesthetics, elegance and professional knowledge from our employees. It is one of the key and most labor-intensive processes to achieve a high-quality end product.

Inspection at a diagnostic station

After complete assembly each vehicle goes to the diagnostic station to check the technical condition of the vehicle, which will guarantee safe and comfortable driving and prepare it for final technical tests.

Test drives

At the end of the renovation, each vehicle undergoes tests on the runway of a closed airport, where it runs a distance of 200-250 km. They are designed to check the car in normal operation and to eliminate any faults.

Final result

After the vehicle successfully passes the test drives our detailing specialists prepare the vehicle for collection by the customer. Then we make a photo session of the finished car which, together with full photo documentation of all renovation processes we pass to the customer during picking up of the car.

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